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Athletics: Outside of CIF Season of Sport Activities

Policy Area: Athletics


The purpose of all camps, clinics, tournaments and special events (hereafter referred to as “activity” and “activities”) operating in collaboration with the name of the Sage Creek Foundation (“SCF”) is to help support the operating budget for the respective Foundation groups.

Policy Statement

This policy outlines the expectations that all groups will be expected to adhere to for all outside of CIF Season of sport activities.


This policy encompasses activities that are not school or district sponsored and are outside of the regular CIF schedule/season.

In accordance with SCF policies:

  • All out of CIF season of sport activities must have contracts with SCF.
  • All contracts with vendors, sponsors or any outside group can only be signed by the current Foundation Board. Parents nor coaches, district personnel or staff members are authorized to bind the Sage Creek Foundation in contractual agreements. No exceptions.
  • The SCF Board will be responsible for coordinating the policy and procedure requirements.
  • The SCF Board will be responsible for generating payments for check request/reimbursement.


  1. The “group” benefiting from the activity will be responsible for all expenses incurred and payments relevant to the activity. Expenses include but are not limited to; liability insurance, custodial fees, referees, equipment, clothing, invitations/flyers, awards or any other direct expense of the activity.
  2. Each group is required to have a parent liaison. This liaison will work with a collaborate fashion with the SCF to establish and coordinate with the Group Leader to complete the SCF packet, collect fees and submit paperwork to the SCHS Principal.
  3. The SCHS Principal will be responsible for ensuring the appropriate paperwork, clearance and procedures are followed prior to submitting request to Sage Creek Foundation.
  4. All coaches, instructors and non-SCHS student assistants (over 18 years of age) working directly with students and student athletes must comply with the Independent Contractor Agreement and requirements for clearance (fingerprinting, TB test, etc.).
  5. CUSD employees will adhere to CUSD Human Resources requirements.
  6. The SCF Board must approve the Independent Contractor agreement at least two weeks before the start of the activity.
  7. A five percent (5%) administrative fee will be assessed on the gross revenue and considered a direct expense of the activity.
  8. The net profit will be established after all direct expenses (excluding coaching or instructor stipends) mentioned above have been paid. Fifty-one percent (51%) of the net profit must benefit the group. The remaining forty-nine percent (49%) of net profit may be used to pay stipends.
  9. Stipends may be paid to a coach, assistant coach or trainer who supervise or direct the activities that meet the CUSD Human Resources and SCF clearance guidelines.
  10. The combined total of all stipends may not exceed 49 percent (49%) of thenet profit. Stipends will be paid upon completion of the activity, and upon receipt of a Check Request form fully completed and executed by the designated parent liaison, approved by the SCHS principal and submitted to the SCF Board.
  11. All Sage Creek High School groups are responsible for conducting activities must present their calendars and budgets for the activities to the SCF Board no later than 6 weeks prior to the first day of the activity or May 1st for activities in the summer months.
  12. All out of CIF season of sport activities must obtain insurance using the Insurance Request Form and submit with group budget.
  13. All groups must review information and instructions related to SCF Out of CIF Season of Sport activities.


  1. Insurance Request Form
  2. Budget developed to include all expenses and revenues for out of CIF season of sport activities.
  3. Independent Contract Agreement to be provided by the SCF Board and W-9 Form.
  4. Release and waiver per group member form
  5. Flyer distributed naming Sage Creek Foundation as co-sponsor of activity Sample Flyer
  6. Foundation check request form



  • Outside group refers to anyone who is not active on the Sage Creek Foundation Board.
  • Out of CIF season of sport refers to activities that take place in the non-academic year or outside of the regularly scheduled CIF season for that specific group.
  • In CIF season of sport refers to activities that take place in the academic year or within the regularly scheduled CIF season for that specific group.


·         Effective Date: February 20, 2015
·         Approval Date: February 20, 2015
·         Last Revised: February 20, 2015
·         Approved By: Sage Creek Foundation Board