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February Foundation Meeting Notes

February 24, 2017
Attendees: Shannon McAndrews, Cesar Morales, Gail McFadden, Jerry Ryan, Roderick Dargie, Rick Kime, Absent: Edward Hull, Shari Brasher, Guests: Cory Leighton, Megan Herrick
1. Meeting called to order at 2:08 p.m.
2. Minutes from January meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved.
3. Financial Report-Edward Hull
Overall Balance=$98,657.70
4. Big Nights Discussion- Roderick Dargie
Discussion concerning donations and future options
5. Pavers-Cesar Morales and Rick Kime
Final closing this month to conclude 4 year sales
Installation planned for Spring Break timeframe
6. Department Chair Updates
Arts-Megan Herrick
-Mural Project in progress
-Paint night- March 10, Dove Library
-Cafe Press- sales and marketing progress
Athletics-Cory Leighton
-Spring Big Night to focus on graduating Seniors
7. Check Requests/Deposits
Athletics Deposits
-$4350.00 for Track and Field
-$5455.00 for Baseball
-$600.00 from Surfride Inc. for Banner to Baseball account
-$600.00 from David A. Saboruin, D.D.S. for Banner to Baseball account
-$50.00 from Viasat Inc. for SCHS film room
Check Requests
-Boys Lacrosse, $214.64 to Greg Kohler for equipment, $1200.00 to Sage Creek ASB for tournaments
-Track and Field, $3200.00 for coaching,$1500.00 for invitational
-Baseball, $2700.00 for coaching, $216.00 for facility fees, $2000.00 for equipment
-General Athletics, $106.73  website domain fees
Arts Request
– For Mural Project, $80.66, $34.00 & $358.43
– For Paint Night, $560.00
Roundtable Items:
Topics for next board meeting
-Creating a Financial Subcommittee
-Finalizing Board Members terms and Recruitment
Motion: All athletic check requests were approved, 2nd, unanimously approved
Motion: All VAPA check requests were approved, 2nd, unanimously approved
Meeting Adjourned at 3:26 p.m.