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Foundation Meeting Notes: November 18, 2016

Attendees: Rick Kime, Shari Brasher, Cesar Morales, Roderick Dargie, Edward Hull, Gail McFadden, Jerry Ryan- Absent: Shannon McAndrews- Guests: Cory Leighton, Megan Herrick

Meeting called to order 2:02 pm

Approved last minutes, Rick motion Edward 2nd, pass u-nam. 

Approved Financials: Edward Hull:  motion Edward 2nd Roderick, pass u-nam. Bank balance on 10/31/16 $85,453.64

Gala Update:  Shari: date: 4/22/16, location: Green tavern in Carlsbad. $35 a person, expected 150 guests. formal bid to follow.

Student volunteers: Rick: SCHS students to earn volunteer hours,  Mr. Morales needs a brief description of internship and the board’s needs for any director who would like to interview candidates. 

Outstanding checks: Mr. Leighton $1,095 for athletic Dept software; Ryan Madsen- Baseball $250 and $300 for training and stipend; Brian Kirby-Wrestling, $1,419.66 & $923.02 Equipment for student wrestlers; Megan Herrick- Art supplies $1,126.82. Pacific Educators Insurance for Board $109.50.  Edward Motion, Roderick 2nd, pass un-nam. 

Megan/Cory: presented their check requests above. Brief discussion of insurance for sports camps, next big night and festival of the arts. 

Adjourn 3:02