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Foundation Meeting Notes, October 21, 2016

Attendees: Rick Kime, Shannon McAndrews, Cesar Morales, Roderick Dargie, Edward Hull, Gail McFadden, Jerry RyanAbsent: Shari Brasher Guests: Cory Leighton, Megan Herrick

Meeting called to order 2:02 pm

  1. Minutes from September meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved.
  2. Department Chair Updates

VAPA-Megan Herrick

  • Completed: Winter Concert, Bobcat Café-Attendance up at all events
    • Upcoming:
      • Dance Performance, Orchestra Performance
      • Festival of the Arts will be main fundraiser
    • Discussion concerning Café Press webpage
  • Continual revenue source
  • Customers choose items from selected artwork
  • Board will explore how to link, embed and connect with our campaigns
  • VAPA/SCF determine mark-up prices, details will be determined in VAPA subcommittee meeting

        Academics-Cesar Morales

    • The Sage-Online Broadcasting
        • Videos, newsletter, app
        • SCF provided the seed money to start this program
        • Board will link The Sage on SCF website

        Athletics-Cory Leighton

    • Fundraising Idea
        • Connected to District initiative
        • Potential cost $50,000.00
        • Requesting SCF as host for fundraising donations
  1. Gala Auction (Website)-Rick Kime
    • Discussion concerning options on website to support campaigns
    • Exploration in process of Plug-ins very similar to Ebay/Project Runway
    • Proposed IGNITEWOO software-new plug-ins for our campaigns, bidding, auctions and donations on the webpage
    • Connected to WooCommerce and in connection with Word Press auction plugins
  2. Check Requests and Deposits

Athletics Deposits

      • $2425.00 to Boys Basketball

      Athletics Check Requests

    • Athletics-Girls Basketball: billed to Girls Basketball Acct.
      • $100.00 payable to RBV Girls Basketball (Tournament)
      • $425.00 payable to Steele Canyon Girls Basketball (Tournament)
      • $415.00 payable to RBV Girls Basketball (Tournament)
    • Athletics-Baseball: billed to Baseball Acct.
      • $2,997.00 payable to BSN Sports (Winter Baseball Gear)
      • $863.99 payable to Rebel Racing (ATV)
      • $2,300.00 payable to Ryan Madsen (stipend for summer season)
    • Athletics-Boys Basketball: billed to Boys Basketball Acct.
      • $1,100 payable to Stephen Colvin (Stipend for fall off-season)
      • $1,200 payable to Brandon Dowdy (Stipend for fall off-season)

       Academics Check Requests

    • BOBCAT WOW Day Gifts: billed to General Fund
      • $535.39 for $10 gift cards and mugs given to presenters.  Payable to Cesar Morales

       VAPA Check Requests

    • VAPA: Ceramics
      • Aardvark $340.20

      VAPA Upcoming Requests

Drama (will be proposed in December)

      • Costume/Set Designer-Sandy Haasis-2016-2017
      • Technical Director – Court Thompson
      • Spring Play Director – Justin Lang

Art supplies (will be proposed in December)

      • Supplies for Digital Photo
  1. Financial Report-Edward Hull
    • Provided summary report
      • Final September report will be delivered to board via email
    • Discussion of donations from Big Night
      • CFO will send athletic team summary to Athletics
    • Discussion of donations from Bobcat Café
      • CFO will develop one-page summary for VAPA
    • Calendar campaign
      • Approximately $4000.00 donations
      • Approximately 50 calendars remaining, decision to donate to teachers
    • Pavers campaign
      • Sold about 24 to date
      • Slowly trickling in and being processed
      • Campaign is focused on first 4 classes @ SCHS
      • Final install planned for March on semester break into 3rd trimester
  2. Fundraising Opportunities-Edward Hull

Poinsettia Bowl Discounted Ticket Opportunity

      • Discussed opportunity for SCF
      • Benefits do not outweigh the Risks
  • Board will not pursue this opportunity

      Casino Night-Edward Hull

  • Company set-ups, hosts 116-200 people actively engaged
  • All money during event is replica money and chips
  • Donors utilize PayPal accounts prior to event
  • Additional donations can be handled by SCF at event
  • 1280 square feet for event, $3400 per event
  • Discussion as potential theme for Gala-April 29th
  • Discussion of potential locations for event
      • Local Hotel
      • Hangar at Palomar Airport
      • Bressi Ranch Boys and Girls Club
      • High end office space
      • House for sale/rent a home


  • Motion to approve new software for webpage, second, approved unanimously
  • Motion to approve all athletics check requests, second, unanimously approved
  • Motion to approve all academics check request, second, unanimously approved
  • Motion to approve all arts check requests, second, unanimously approved

Board Decisions:

  • Support of new campaign for Athletics
  • Support of Café press campaign for Arts and SCF general fund
  • Continued support of The Sage for Academics
  • Increase accessibility and flexibility of website to support campaigns and donors
  • Not to pursue Poinsettia Bowl ticket fundraiser
  • Develop policy and procedures on guidelines for fundraising ideas for SCF
  • Decision to include Casino Night as theme for this year’s Gala on April 29th

Meeting Adjourned at 3:31 p.m.