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Foundation Meeting Notes: September 23, 2016

Sage Creek Foundation (SCF) Meeting

Attendees: Rick Kime, Shannon McAndrews, Cesar Morales, Shari Brasher, Edward Hull, Gail McFadden, Roderick Dargie, Jerry Ryan     

Guests: Cory Leighton, Megan Herrick

  1. Meeting called to order 2:02 pm
  1. Minutes from August meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved.
  1. Morales Discussion

Discussion on New item

    1. Student photos in portrait size, one of a kind-sale at Gala
    2. Splattering of students, representation of students, clubs, sports
    3. Approximately $40 unit cost per portrait, auction for $100+
    4. Approximately 20 portraits for Gala
    5. Potential online bidding
    6. Unanimously approved

Donation Options

  1. Matching donations/Challenge Match Campaign
  2. Donation package connections

Account Allocations-Big Night

  1. CFO discussed recap sheet design
  2. Community communication plan with each event
  1. Gala-Shari Brasher
    1. Potential dates (February, March, April)
    2. SB and EH will have meeting to recruit volunteers
      • October 4th at 4pm Fresh Start Office
    3. Location possibilities discussed
    4. Theme possibilities “Show your love for SCHS” (February)
    5. Potential early bird pricing
    6. CM will review SCHS calendar and propose best date options for Gala
  1. Marketing and Communication-Gail
    1. Constant Contact campaigns
    2. Facebook, Twitter
    3. Phone Calls from Mr. Morales
    4. Discussion concerning marketing future Big Night, and donation packages for future events, opportunities
    5. SMc will get latest PTSA list from President and upload to Constant Contact
  1. Check Requests-Cory Leighton
    1. Big Night-Official fees $5,000 to ASB
    2. Cory Leighton-$774.38 Big Night food and supplies
    3. Ryan Madson-$2000 for off-season season
    4. 4,6090 deposit from Baseball Program
    5. Bobcat Boys Basketball Pre-Season Program
      • Budget submitted
      • Discussion concerning operating costs
      • Stipend within new district personnel requirements
      • SCF policies and procedures need to be updated to align with district personnel requirements
    6. Potential future expense: ATV for Baseball to clean the field, awaiting district approval


  • to approve within district policy for Bobcat Boys Basketball Pre-Season Program
  • Unanimously approved

VAPA Events-Megan Herrick

  • Festival of the Arts-April 13th (SCF supported event-EH and SMc )
  • Theater Events-Coaches for music and musicians, installation and set-up, professional musicians’ expenses for 2016-2017
  • Discussion around establishing cafe press account
  • Constant Contact-VAPA specific email list

Check Request-Rick Kime

  • Rick Kime-$79.00 for website for Big Night
  • Gail McFadden-$243.00 for Foundation Flyer for registrations


  • To approve all check requests
  • Approved unanimously

Meeting adjourn at 3:30 pm