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General: Nominations and Elections Policy

Policy Area: Academics, Arts, Athletics


Policy and procedures for nominating and electing board members

Policy Statement

While the bylaws provide for but do not require a specific nominations procedure, the board has set a procedure and policy for nominations and elections to ensure clarity to the process.


All board members have a responsibility to articulate prerequisites for
candidates, orient new members, and periodically and comprehensively evaluate their own performance.


  1. The SCF board will appoint a Nominations Committee
    charged with nominating qualified candidates for vacancies.
    2. The Nominations Committee, formed at least 60 days before elections, will
    research and vet candidates for the board.
    3. Nominations Committee members will meet with candidates and explain the board mission, vision and member responsibilities.
    4. The committee will select and present candidates to the board within 30 days of elections.
    5. Thirty days prior to elections, the Secretary of the board shall
    forward to each board member a list of all candidates nominated by
    the committee.
    6. All elections must take place at a special meeting of board members
    or by written ballot, with 30 days’ notice by the Secretary.
  2. In instances that the board size expands to include more members, the current board may appoint and elect new members my simple majority vote.
    8. While the bylaws provide for “Use of Corporate Funds to Support
    Nominee,” no Foundation funds will be spent to support nominees


·         Effective Date: February 5, 2014
·         Approval Date: February 5, 2014
·         Last Revised: February 5, 2014
·         Approved By: Sage Creek Foundation Board