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Group Liaison Policy

Policy Area: Academics, Arts, Athletics


Provide support and assistance to Coaches, Instructors and Group Leaders for “Activities” for students of Sage Creek High School.

Policy Statement

Provide opportunities for Sage Creek community members to connect, and assist group leaders with the daily administrative and operational pieces of conducting a successful program.


Establishing the role of group Liaison for individual/group  sports programs or individual/group Arts or Academic programs. This role acts as the point person or liaison between the group leader and the families, key site personnel as well as the SCF.



Responsibilities – The liaison will be responsible for directly or indirectly coordinating the following responsibilities. Primarily handling the majority of  the non sports/non group administrative and organizational tasks so the coach/group leader can focus on working with their teams/student groups.

1) Keep SCF apprised of team/group activity thru the season and attend regular liaison meetings with board when needed or scheduled.

2) Coordinate the group donations and spirit pack processing – ordering, collecting money and issuing receipts.

3) Organize team/student group calendar, organize team/student group events such as team meetings , pre and or post tournament/event or game meals,  team building, fund raising events, post season party as well as coordinating coaches and players to attend SC Showcase type events and seasonal sports nights.

4) Organize family assistance for ticket sales, transportation and staffing the snack bar with other teams or groups (as appropriate) in coordination with ASB.

5) Knowledgeable of  SC Foundation policies and procedures relating to fundraising, camps, clinics and tournaments with that particular sport/student group in order to work with SCF and coach/group leader to coordinate and process paperwork as needed.

6) Identify opportunities where the SC Foundation can fund needs of that particular sport /student group.

7) Financial accounting for the foundation account of the sport/group. As well as report account balances to coach / group leader.



Activities refer to any camps, clinics, tournaments, special events operating under the name of the Sage Creek Foundation.

Group Leader refers to coaches, or instructors who supervise or oversee the direct activities of the student group, team or club.

·         Effective Date: March 20, 2015
·         Approval Date: March 20, 2015
·         Last Revised: March 20, 2015
·         Approved By: Sage Creek Foundation