Academic Liaison

Hildy Gogal is the current Academic Liaison Officer of the Sage Creek Foundation. Hildy is originally from New Jersey, she moved to Carlsbad with her husband and two children last year. Her son Jack is a freshman at Sage Creek High School. Hildy has a Bachelors Degree in Speech Language Pathology and a Masters Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation from NYU. Hildy is also a certified Teacher of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing as well as a Teacher of American Sign Language. Hildy is a former high school teacher, and also has experience working in the classroom with elementary and middle school students. Additionally, Hildy taught classes as an Adjunct Professor of American Sign Language at Montclair State University just prior to moving from New Jersey. Additionally, Hildy has served as a parent liaison between her local public school and the district administration. As an educator and a parent, Hildy is thrilled to serve as the Academic Liaison for the Sage Creek High School Foundation.