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2 Banners Plus digital Package


2 banners plus a Digital Package- $1000


                             2 banners plus a Digital Package
The Sage Creek Foundation is looking to partner with community businesses like yours to support the Sage Creek
Athletic Department. We are currently seeking sponsors who would like to be advertised during our home volleyball
and basketball games. This is approximately 30 games over the course of the school year. Sponsorship would
include a visual display on our new 10’ LED Scorer’s Table as well as an announcement during halftime or in between
matches. Sponsors will also be featured on the Sage Creek Foundation website and featured periodically on our
social media platforms. Sponsorship packages can also include traditional 4’x8’ vinyl banners with your company
information and logo.
– Bobcat Stadium
-Baseball/Softball Field
-Athletic Mall
-Digital – Bobcat Arena (score table)
Note:Note: Send the logo and other related details to and Megan Biehl after the online purchase is completed.
Donation/Purchase is tax deductible.