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Sage Creek Arts Program

The Sage Creek Foundation works collaboratively with the Sage Creek High School community to create Programs for the Arts 

Dance Program


About: The Sage Creek Dance Program is committed to helping students grow and develop as both dancers and individuals.  Sage Creek Dance provides a unique and highly personalized method of learning, creating an environment to nurture, educate and encourage creative individuals to achieve the highest level of success. Our classes focus on technique, choreography and composition, and observation of professional works in order to create well-rounded dancers. 

  • Programs: We are a non-competitive, inclusive program with a range of ability levels. Dance 1 requires no previous experience. Dance 2 students will have taken Dance 1 or have some level of experience. Dance 3 is Intermediate/Advanced for those students with some outside experience. Dance 4 is our advanced level class with previous experience required. Dance Company members rehearse after school, and must take Dance 4 as a class. Dance 3 and 4 are audition only classes.
      • Dance 1 and 4 perform in the Fall Concert
      • Dance 2, 3, and 4 perform in the Spring Concert.
      • Dance Company also performs at all pep rallies, most basketball games, and some community events as well. 
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  • website:
    • Instagram: @sagecreekdancecompany; @mseichler_teaches


Drama Program

About: Sage Creek Drama is a community of storytellers! We aim to inspire young, creative minds and to help students see the greatness in their potential on and off the stage. Our goal is to help students find confidence to express themselves, take risks, fail forward, and learn from shared experiences.

  • Programs: Our program includes courses in Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Theatre as well as Technical Theatre. In a typical year we put on 3-5 performances for the public including a school wide musical. 
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  • Instagram: @sagecreekdramaclub
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Music Program


About:  Our music program is small but mighty and boasts many opportunities for our students to make and discover music.  Our students are empowered to express themselves through musical performance, composition, and appreciation.  Students in our classes play Wind, String, and Percussion instruments, learn the fundamentals of Music Theory, explore music theory through composition and arranging, and learn to collaborate in performance and composition with their peers.  One of the things that makes our music program truly amazing is the ownership that students have over everything they do!  They are so creative, talented, and dedicated!

  • Programs:
  • Classes:
  • Performing Ensembles (Perform in Fall, Winter, Spring, & Pops Concert, and various other performances and festivals throughout the year)
  • Chamber Orchestra (Audition Only) - (for violin, viola, cello, bass)
  • Orchestra - (for violin, viola, cello, bass)
  • Wind Ensemble - (for woodwind & brass instruments and percussion)
  • Non-Performing Class:
  • Instrumental Music - (Students do not perform in concerts, but perform for each other in class as part of the learning process).  Students in this class can start at any level of experience from beginner to advanced.  Students learn basic music theory and cycle through hand percussion, piano, ukulele, and guitar.
  • Clubs/Activities:
        • Jazz Club (Combo)
        • Bobcat Beat (Pep Band)
        • Musical Pit Orchestra (w/ SCHS Drama)
        • Music Theory Club
        • Junior Joy Givers
        • Young Leaders in Music Education
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  • Instagram:  @schs_music
  • Facebook:  @BobcatsofSageMusic
  • Twitter:  @SageCreekMusic


Visual Arts Program


About: Our visual arts team aims to nurture and develop a thriving creative culture where students are challenged to find their own artistic voice. We believe in the balance between developing technical skill and creative exploration. We believe in the transformative power of art for the healing of both the individual as well as for the community. Here at SCHS, we support and empower students to blaze their own creative trail. 


  • Programs: 
    • Art 1-Art 1 is designed for the beginning art student. This course is designed to provide opportunities for creative expression as students apply basic artistic processes and skills using a variety of media.
    • Art 2 is designed for the intermediate art student. This course focuses on reviewing the Elements of art and Principles of Design. Students learn to apply this knowledge and skills to develop original works of art. Students use pencil, colored pencil, ink, charcoal, acrylic and watercolor paint, and fabric. Media includes drawing, painting, graphic design, printmaking, sculpture, and fiber arts. Art 2 will provide opportunities for creative expression while increasing students’ artistic perception. The focus on this course is experimenting with a range of media and tools.
    • Art 3 is designed for the intermediate- advanced art student. This course provides the artistically skilled student an opportunity to improve drawing and painting techniques and further develop expressive skills while creating original works of art. They will study a wide range of drawing and painting techniques as well as artists, movements, and history. The media used in this course includes gouache, watercolor, acrylic and oil paints, chalk pastel, charcoal, ink, pencil, and colored pencil. Emphasis will be placed on observational skills, learning new tools and experimenting with new techniques. 
    • 3D Design-3D Design is a hands-on class that explores 3D forms, using a wide variety of materials. Although we primarily use clay, we also use wood, metal, plaster, fabric, etc. This is a great class if you enjoy building and designing 

3 dimensional forms, and exploring various mediums and materials.

  • Digital Photography 1 &2 (please see the CTE site)
  • AP Art History- this course explores such topics as the nature of art, its uses, its meanings, art making, and responses to art. Through investigation of diverse artistic traditions of cultures from prehistory to the present, the course fosters in-depth and understanding of the history of art from a global perspective. This is a very hands-on and fun class to learn about human nature and why we create what we create.


  • Clubs:
    • Community Arts Club
    • 3D Design Club
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  • Donate: (asb link)
  • Social: @ms.cathrynburroughs, @sagecreekhigh_art



Striving to cultivate an artistically literate community through all the arts.


Supporting the Sage Creek Bobcat athletes so they can be their best.


Encouraging our students to explore their passions through education.